Thursday, December 28, 2006

No Title

 I had a time to think about vision of my life last weekend.
My boy friend told me he is going to graduate from a graduate school
next July.
After that, he will be working for the company in N.Y. under the training.
And he will come back to Japan after training.
In short,we will be able to stay together 2years later.
Even he knows about this, he suggested me to be staying together.

I couldn`t reply for that, because he won`t come back to see my parents till the time he finish the training. I don`t think we can have a wedding ceremony till everything has done. I don`t think he is ready to have a spouse because he is a student and doesn`t know how he can take the full responsiblity.

Do I need to wait the time we get ready? I don`t know that time is coming or not although we had known each other since 2002, Summer.

I don`t think my boy friend checkes my blog.
So I can write my opinion here.

And the most thing I`m afraid of is to introduce him to my parents.
I`m very shy to say about my boyfriend to my parents.
In this Christmas, he came my home and spent the time in my room,but didn`t see my parents.

Anyway, it was good to see him again!


hiro said...

俺はyukawaiさんの見方だからいつでも相談してきていいよd(>_< )Good!!

yukawai said...