Thursday, January 14, 2010


  Long time no write this blog.
I had a nice time in a happy new year.
A happy new year to everyone,
please keep in touch with me this year, too.

In fact, my ex-company-mate sent to me an E-mail.
I didn't expect her mail, so I was very surprised and glad, too.

And I had a few chances to talk with my Chinese teacher on the phone.
I like to talk in Chinese.
If possible, I want to do same thing with my Chinese friend, called "Yao-xing"
not only chatting, but also talking in MSN.

During the 1st lesson,we talked about this year’s dream.
Actually, I couldn't imagine how I will spend the time in 2010 at one day of 2009.
But I feel something gives me a change little by little^^

I think my life aspect becomes toward to an opened mind comparing with before.
I don't know how to say in detail though.For instance,
One day, my friends in Tokyo gave me an E-mail to
talk about next trip to abroad like Guam, Bari after May.
On the other hand, my student and her mother suggested me to go to China together.
These are good chanses to go to travel in the world.

I have a plan to go to Osaka for fun this month.
In fact, I planned to go to Tokyo this month
since I didn't have a time to go there in December.
However, I deciede to put off going there, and go to USJ.haha.

I hope we enjoy it!!





仔细不能说,可是我自己感觉。例如说,我的大学的朋友们一起计划去GUAM岛还是BARI岛。 可能金周末后・・・ 还有,我教的小孩子的妈妈提我一起去北京旅行。



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