Thursday, March 16, 2006


 It passed the 5days since I came to Oklahoma during the Spring Break.
Just look back how I spent the time in here!!

1st day; I was a sick before boarding the flight. Although I felt not good so much,
the guy who is so kind of me helped me many things. THANK, YOU!!

2nd days; Right after reached the Oklahoma, Norman, I and boyfriend went to the Convenience Store and bought some alcohol and snacks. We cheered for meeting again here!!

3rd days; We got out and play to fly a Frisbee!! That's one of my dream to do with b-friend.
In the night, we walked around to the building in University of Oklahoma(OU), and saw the class room where he usually study. Also having the Mexican food near the restaurant is what I want to do here.

4th days; We entered the OU memorial stadium( for foot ball); There is a foot ball field in the center and surrounded by the cheering stairs like width 60chairs & length180 chairs. It's the big one more than I expected.

5th days; We visited the" Natural Museum" owned by OU. They exhibited the bones or fossils of dinosaurs and Native American's cultures. Actually, I've been to here before like I was a freshman in the University of Central Oklahoma; I joined the event tour to come this Museum.

Anyway, I have left 2 days for going back to home, Japan. I'll try to enjoy more!!

 まぁ、今訪れている「ノーマン」という街は、私が大学生の時にいた「エドモンド」より、もっと田舎です。        ここの大学(院)は一流でとっても広く、学生が移動に車を使う気持ちも分かりますが、

 なんか面白くないブログですみません m(_ _ )m  以上です。

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