Sunday, September 18, 2005


 One Asian guy was standing in front of the elevator.
He was alone and talk to us (including me) in easy Japanese.

So I encouraged myself and talked to him in English. I was in a group at that time.
He wanted to go cafeteria to eat Lunch, but didn`t know which floor should go.
I expained the way to go and we went there together (I was going to eat lunch there, too)

Since I came back from Oklahoma, I didn`t use English in a conversation.
So I was excited to talk with him.

Recently, I was crazy about my job and spent a great time in private.
However, there are no English life.

I decide to try one more time to English world.
(oops, I forgot my running practice and race will be in a next month.)





yoshiko said...

yuka! hey!
I know what u are talking about.
It is very fun to speak English.

After graduating, we may not have a chance to use English!
I know that..

But we can try to keep practicing English... That is all we can do.

I am taking Communucation class right now. I was gone for Japan about 6 months. So it is kinda nervous to speak in my class.
But I will just go for it!

Good luck on you and me! hehehe

yukawai said...

I agree with you, Yoshiko-chann.
If you don`t keep doing one thing,
it`ll be gone someday.
I don`t wanna lose it.

Just cheer up each other to keep talking in English!!!

Shall we speak in English??(笑)

yoshiko said...

hello. yuka!
I was waiting on ur comment!

Ofcourse, we can speak English!
I absolutely do want to it!
This semester there are several international classmates in my classes. I am gonna get them!

yukawai said...

oh, I like talk with you in ENGLISH. Actually,we use it in a sentece though, who care?

okay, Keep doing o(^0^)o