Saturday, November 24, 2007


I went to drink with last co-workers yesterday.
We even hadn't seen for a while though, invited me to that.
That was a farewell party for one of our co-worker.
He was good help in work, but nobody couldn't persuade his way.
He doesn't sit all the day under work any more and have a long vacation to see himself.

I was really glad to see him and everyone again.
Also I got know everyone's going all right.

I hope I`ll keep in touch for the future.

昨晩、前の会社の同僚の人たちの飲み会に行ってきました。 ずっと会ってなかったのに、誘ってもらっちゃいました。 昨日の飲み会は、同僚の一人が退職するこということで お別れ会を兼ねてたみたいです。

やっぱ誰も彼の退職願いを止めさせることはできなかったみたい。 どうやらずっと座って仕事するのが嫌になったみたいで、 ちょっとした休暇を楽しみたいようです。



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