Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I`m too excited to sleep, because I took a trial lesson of Speaking Chinese at ECC. This is a first time to use my Chinese.

I`d kept sitting down in front of computer and talk to teacher through web camera. My teacher gave me a comment after the class, "Your pronunciation was very good, keep doing it."

This is the contents what I practice; ①Hello.② What is your last name? ③My last name is Kawai. ④Thank you. ⑤You`re welcome. ⑥Good-Bye.

And then, their staff told me that they wrote about my trip to NY in ECC web site. I`m very glad to hear that!!

なんか、眠れないよーー。だって、今日初めてECCで中国語のレッスン(お試しコース)を受けたから。 コンピュータの前に座って、先生とwebカメラを通して話したの。先生がレッスンの後に、くれたコメントがこれ。「あなたの発音、ばっちしよ。これからも頑張って!!」




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