Sunday, March 18, 2007


I'm coming here, NY, finally.
I didn't expect we had much snow here.
Because of this weather, my flight was late for almost 2 hours.

I reached the apartment and came the Internet Cafe to see my mail which has my friends' phone #. I was going to go to "The riberty of atitude", but I change the plan because it's getting the night soon. Instead of going there, I'm trying to pretend "NYer" and celebrate "St.Patricks Day."(It should be 14th on March though.)

I think the manager of the apartment in Chelsea has a good looking.I envy him and wish I stay here, too. On my way to the apartment, I met a person who is from Standford Univ. I want to talk in English more.

As usual, I did't feel "Time difference". I'm going to go to the Empire State building and see the view from the top and go back to the apartment.

I'm very thankful of my friend who gave me a mail before I left Japan and who talked with me and my boyfriend. I hope I'm not going crazy here and enjoying alot!!

I hope I'll update this blog soon.




アパートの管理人さん、結構かっこいい人だったよ。いいなぁ。ここに住んでるなんて。 私もさっき、スタンフォード大学の人とシャトルバスが一緒で色々話したけど 英語でもっと色々話たいなぁ。



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