Wednesday, January 04, 2006


 A Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Since 1st January, I havn`t been to anywhere, but stayed at home all the time.
And I decide to buy something new for me because I want to have a fresh emotion with something new.

I bought a NEW bag, which is colored with White. I`m going to use this for work.
I used a thin bag last year, but this year I`ll have a big thick one.
At the store, I found a good one, but it`s cost over compared with my estimated price.
I was thinking whether I buy or not for a while, because there aren`t the brown bag, my favorite color.

Before I go away without purchasing a bag, I noticed some Aisan guy come close to me.
I thought, he sees me, I don`t want him to do such a thing, so I stayed at the store to pretend the customer to buy a bag.

At last, he came and talked to me in Japanese. so, I talked to him a little bit. After finisihed the talk, still he was around the store. U--n I concentrate the bag ,not him.
I decide to buy this white bag to make the time. (Of cource, I like this white bag!!!!)

Anyway,thanks to him(?), I got a pretty white bag and back to home.
I hope this white bag protect me from somethig bad this year!!!!



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うん、写真とってみるよ。で、それをUPします。楽しみに待っててね☆そーいえば、ずっと写真をUPしてませんでしたm(_ _)m